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Savant Zion by Imson
Savant Zion
Finally finished this monster. The original idea was to do something very loose and sketchy, but it turns out I enjoy details too much, so..... this happened.

The concept here is a mishmash of cultures and architectural styles, framed by warm oranges. Considering I was on a bit of an arabic binge at the time, this fit in nicely. The tower and the framing for the painting was pretty much there in my head from the getgo. The tower was meant to serve as the foundation for the city surrounding it. I wanted to give the building a subtle feeling of impossibillity while also making the viewer think of giant cogs. The robed man is a mishmash of references, and hints at the technology available, though his role in all of this was intentionally kept vague.

But all this aside, the premise of this painting is everything you don't notice at first glance. You're meant to be distracted by the big picture to ignore the minor details. I ended up using this cover as a way to hide away as much as I could, and as a result, there's more secrets in this thing than anything I've done previously. Though you'll probably need the full resolution version to spot them all.

The Savant Ascent Void Update Poster by Imson
The Savant Ascent Void Update Poster
A little something I used to promote the update to our game, Savant Ascent.

While the update wasn't anything massive, the idea was spawned from the extra artwork and characters I made while working on the cover for the Savant Protos album, so a proper poster seemed fitting. The imagery I wanted to use was pretty obvious from the getgo. The real challenge was deciding on the logo. When I was making this, the name hadn't been decided. The three top contenders were Overkill, Nebula and Void. Turned out Void made the best shape, so that became the name used.

Also, if you want to know what this game is all about, you can check it out here:

Long time no journal entry. I figured this was a good a time for it as any.

It's vacation time over at D-Pad studio right now. So what do we do? Well... make more games apparently!

For the past two weeks we've been cooking up a secret project that we're aiming to have done very soon. So soon in fact, that we're actually going to start dropping hints at what it is immediately! Me and the crew will be dropping images in the coming days, hinting at what is to come. You can find them on our Twitter accounts or on our Facebook pages.

In other news, I've got a new blog over at I do writeups on subjects I care about and general comments on things in the universe and universe-like places. I'm hoping to keep all of these sources contiously updated.


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Happy Early Birthday dude! Keep making awesome stuff!
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Tips on being a successful illustrator? Your artwork is sooo cool
Imson Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015
Make things. Doesn't matter what. Try to challenge yourself regularly. Then do things for fun.

Show it to others. Reserch what is acceptable pay for your work and adjust that regularly.
slamison13 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015  Student Artist
alright thank you :peace:
DanSyron Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015
you are so amazing my mind is all over my desk.  I'm so glad that you and savant work with eachother to compliment music with phenomenal art style.  Also, you are a pixelart god.
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Your artwork is a major reason I subbed to Savant. You are truly very talented ;p

+watch ;D
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Ha! I found you! About a year ago I drew some art for your facebook-page and now, finally, I made my own deviant account. Though I visited your page before that several times but couldn't remember what your name here was. :'DD I'll definitely follow you, sir.
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Feliz Cumpleanos
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...a very happy birthday to you sir...hope you're having a totally rad time...=3
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